Mouth Taped Shut

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So you got to hand it to the marketing team behind David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

This slow reveal all started with that saucy leaked trailer with the lovely Led Zeppelin music that kept us all amused one weekend at the end of May. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m certain it was all deliberate and in terms of “buzz-generation” it became far more effective than a traditional two minute promo being shoved in front of Harry Potter or Thor. In fact the actual trailer that surfaced last week (cut from an eight-minute version apparently) is far too long and exploratory, lacking the real rawness, shock and awe of the first teaser.

Anyway, right now the main source of vague pre-release buzz is the tantalising tumblr blog “Mouth Taped Shut”. It’s evidently being run by someone very close to the production and is a fun way to keep abreast of things like Rooney Mara’s breasts. It started off without too much insider knowledge but now the onset pictures are a wonderful insight into the Fincher production. Clearly all that facebook stuff thought him a thing or two about social media marketing…

Check it out if you haven’t done so already… / / (seriously WTF?!)

I read all the books last year, loving their pulpy racey goodness from the get go. The first movie was exhilarating but I felt let down by parts two and three by a sprawling set of inconsequential characters who all co-existed wonderfully in the books but somehow didn’t translate to the screen. Fincher has only committed to adapting the first part of the trilogy and so who knows how the remakes will tackle the latter parts of the story. In the meantime, The Girl… sits right up there on my must-see-this-Christmas list. Along with? Well it’s sitting alongside “family”, “the Christmas lights on Grafton Street” and “the look of disdain on Paraic’s face when I tell him his grammar needs work”.