Move over Fassbender! Ciarán Hinds may be Ireland’s new king of ubiquity.

| o | - Ciarán Hinds - Omnipresent.

I’ve been a really big fan of Ciarán Hinds since seeing him for the first time in Stephen Spielberg’s Munich in 2005. Since then he’s rocked my world in There will be Blood, Margot at the Wedding, The Debt, Harry Potter 7.5 and The Gate Theatre’s 2009 adaptation of The Birds. He’s well able to lead the line but also has that Steve Buscemi-like knack of adding something special with a supporting role.

But as I was watching John Carter earlier this week I realised the man needs to be careful as he is treading on another thespian’s toes. The other man is Spooool’s 2011 Man of the Year, Michael Fassbender.

The Fass managed to beat us all into submission with his 5 films from the last 12 months, but now Hinds is giving him a run for his money with 5 performances in 3 and a half months!! Of course you could argue this is based on the quirks of release dates and scheduling but I like to think it’s part of a concerted attack on our senses.

And he’s quite good in all of them (even if only TTTS is the only real film in there).

Thankfully he’s got nothing else lined up for the year. Phew. Here’s a transcript of a wee interview he did with NPR last week… Listen to it all here.

SIMON: What’s up next for you?

HINDS: Until two days ago, it was nothing. There was possibilities, but there were nothing. I think I’m going to get involved in a conspiracy thriller here in England involving barristers.

SIMON: What’s it feel like when nothing’s penciled in?

HINDS: A few things I suppose. One of like, well, you – A, you’ve finally been rumbled, and, B, well, it lets the pressure off for a bit. Because when every time you come to work, you think you have to kid yourself that you can do it and it doesn’t get any easier the older you get. You’ve just got more doubts.


Hinds played Edward Rochester in a 1997 TV adaptation of Jane Eyre, the same role that Fassbender played last year in Cary Fukunaga’s adaptation of the Charlotte Brontë classic.