This is not a movie and this is not a film – A tale of two titles

This is not a movie, this is not a film

| o | - Title confusion alert

A quick thought.

Did the marketeers of these two releases with similarly beguiling titles – This Is Not a Movie (pictured above on the left) and This Is Not a Film (right) - sit down and plan this dual-assault that sees them both showing up on our radar at the same time?

First up, Movie shows up in one of those “straight-to-dvd” lists…

With the end of the world imminent, Pete Nelson (Edward Furlong) locks himself inside a Las Vegas hotel. There, he tries to understand his confused reality influenced by film,TV, pop culture, disinformation, drugs and propaganda. The journey that follows is a surreal, psychedelic, apocalyptic quest where nothing is what it seems…
- This Is Not a Movie 

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How does Edward Furlong go from starring in two of the greatest movies of the 1990s – Terminator 2 and American History X – to this type of fare? Short answer - Heroin. Cocaine. Alcohol. 60 cigarettes a day. Anyway

We can then contrast this with the award-winning documentary This Is Not a Film, which made a big splash on the festival circuit last year and got a limited UK and Ireland release last month

Iranian filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mojtaba Mirtahmasb’s startling documentary depicts a day in Panahi’s life as he appeals his conviction for “propaganda against the system” — which carries with it a jail sentence and a twenty-year ban from writing or directing.
- This Is Not a Film

I guess it all kind of brings up that old debate about the differences between a “film” and a “movie”. Here’s some silly explanations I stumbled across on

  • In the United States, a movie watches the Superbowl with nachos and soda. A film puts on a tie and goes to an art show.
  • People who use the word “film” wear darker jeans.
  • ‘Movie’ has the connotation of more commercial, mainstream entertainment, whereas ‘film’ suggests more serious or arthouse fare.

None of this helps Edward Furlong return to his glory days though…. As we ponder that, check out the two trailers below. Movie first (and it is actually a movie) and Film second (and guess what… it’s a film too).

  • DJ Holte

    I totally get your distinction between “movie” and “film”, but Furlong’s “…Movie” sure looks pretty “arthouse” to me — or at the very least, definitely not mainstream. Eddie seems to perhaps be following a path similar to that of his contemporary, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.