Raid director Gareth Evans double news item alert

Gareth Evans. Image from

| o | - Gareth Evans. He made The Raid.

The Raid (aka Serbuan Maut) took home awards at TIFF 2011 and JDIFF 2012 and knocked viewers for six. Well for five. Five stars. As per our review. Yes indeed.

Anyway, since then the film has undergone a name change, being expanded to The Raid: Redemption for its North American release, and is now been mooted as the first part of a trilogy. Evans is also listed as a producer on the inevitable American remake of The Raid. Indiewire reports the follow-up has the working title Berandal (“thug” in Indonesian).

The Raid played in the IFI tonight and gets its general release in Ireland and the UK on May 18th and to celebrate, the recently re-opened Lighthouse cinema has announced the “Fight House” program of films, which have programmed by Evans. You can see the full list of films here; you lucky Dublin-based readers shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Old Boy, Akira or Police Story on the big screen.

Anyway, we’ll leave the Indonesian martial art known as “Silat” (thanks Wikipedia) aside for now, as today also saw news from Deadline that the Welshman has now been tapped by Universal to make his first Hollywood film, Breaking the Bank.

The story is based on the book Heist: The True Story of the World’s Biggest Cash Robbery and the Sports Illustrated article Breaking the Bank, and tells the real story of former UFC fighter “Lighting” Lee Murray, “a mixed martial arts street brawler who masterminded the largest cash heist in history in England in 2006.”

So the man is doing well.

And to make all of us in our late 20s who think that they’re doing well feel better I shall share a fact. Gareth Evans was only born in 1985.