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Museum of the Moving Image (New York City), a museum located in Astoria, Queens.

No doubt you’ve all noticed the slight slow-down in posts here at Spooool Towers. Worry not!

At the end of July, Nigel, the Toronto-based half of this enterprise finished his job and packed up his bags to visit the United States of America. Part of this jaunt included a week in New York with the Dublin-based spooooler Páraic and instagram-yer-ma @sunburntjets. We had serious craic.

Nigel is now back in Toronto ready for 10 days of TIFF madness (preview feature published later today, reviews trickling out for the next 2 weeks). Following that, he returns home to balmy Dublin where this reunion at Spooool Towers with Páraic will mean we can host thrice-daily news meetings and celebrity webchats! Gr8!

And in case you were not aware October will be the site’s first anniversary. To celebrate this, we will be re-assessing, re-building, re-designing and re-launching at a new domain, spooool.ie. The new site will still feature everything we do here, except now we’ll be able to give it a more Irish-based flavour. Focusing on multiple cinema release cycles is fun, but it does create a certain amount of disparity in our content, so it will be nice to hone in on exactly what is happening in Ireland’s cinemas.

In summary… bear with us. It’ll be worth it.

  • Anne Marie

    Better be worth it!

  • Dave

    Yes! Go Spooool!