My Best Friend’s Birthday

A Star is Born - ★★★

Early signs of the great director’s talents are easily visible in the 34 surviving minutes of Tarantino’s first film.

Now here at Spoool we aren’t going to start reviewing shorts but when it came to light that Quentin Tarantino’s first directorial outing  My Best Friend’s Birthday was available on the interweb (and embedded at the bottom of this review), we had to give it a perusal. The film was shot over three years from 1984-87 and although it was completed, a fire broke out in the lab destroying the second reel leaving only half of the finished film.

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Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Bloody Funny - ★★★

Tucker and Dale vs Evil missed out on an Irish cinema release date last year, but now it’s available for all to watch on DVD and it’ll rip your funny bone out.

Tucker and Dale are two shoddily dressed soft-headed hillbillies who want nothing more than to kick back and enjoy a few beers in Tucker’s new cabin. Unbeknownst to them, the cabin in the woods is where a series of gruesome murders were carried out back in the 1970s. Add to this a bunch of  preppy judgemental students and you have a recipe for mistaken motives and farcical murders.

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Relishing The Room at Dublin’s Sugar Club

| o | - You're tearing me apart Lisa!

So what am I doing queuing outside Dublin’s Sugar Club at 11:30 on a cold Saturday night? Why to see The Room of course, the 2003 cult-classic that is considered one of the worst films ever made.

It stars Tommy Wiseau who also happens to be the writer, director and producer. He probably built the sets and made the tea while he was at it. Wiseau plays Johnny, who is madly in love with Lisa but little does he know Lisa is having a bit of hows-your-father with Mark, Johnny’s best friend. Gasp.

The Sugar Club stages this masterpiece in terrible movie-making, once a month at a midnight screening. Our host informs us of all the various chants before proceedings get under way. You must scream “Hey Denny” anytime he appears, the film is supposed to be shot in San Francisco but randomly has shots of the LA skyline which results in a chant of “meanwhile back in LA” and never has it been totally socially acceptable to scream SLLLLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTT any time Lisa appears on screen.

The night I was there a group of guys stood to salute Johnny during the many soft core porn scenes and a few in attendance were wearing full tuxes for the insane scene where, for no reason, all the male cast are wearing them before proceeding to throw the old pig skin around.

| o | - Why they hell are we wearing tuxes?

It would be wise to have viewed the film before going along as it is quite hard at times to actually hear what’s going on due to the various screams, abuse and chants shouted at the screen but this only adds to the atmosphere.

I must say proper cinema etiquette is maintained for the two stand out moments which we will refer to as i) the florist scene and ii) Johnny’s attempt to get an Oscar with “You’re tearing me apart Lisa”.

Oh the spoons, how could I forget the spoons, for no reason during the film there are many framed photos of spoons and The Sugar Club kindly supplies you with plastic ones to hurl at the screen. But be careful not to be an eager teen and blow your spoons all at once as this will result in a spoon reccie to the front of the screen.

I have never experienced anything as insane and damn good fun in all my 22 years of going to the cinema, a fantastic night and a must for all fans of “bad” movies.

Book your tickets now for the next screening.

| o | - Oh, Hey Denny.

On the shelf… Bridesmaids

Borrowed, blue, old and new - ★★★

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo’s take on the arduous task of being a bridesmaid is original , honest and most importantly funny.
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10 things that aren’t completely atrocious about Transformers 3

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon is a bombastic failure. It lacks heart, character development and it’s probably not worthy of anything more than a ★ review. But everyone has read enough from people ripping Michael Bay and his film to shreds so lets take a different tack.

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It's wheely good - ★★★★

So, there is this tyre right called Robert and it can blow things up with the power of it’s mind.

I saw the trailer last year some time and wondered if it was all a joke, but to my delight the film exists and it turns out to be one of the most intelligent films about “movies” in years. We start with Lieutenant Chad setting the mood and explaining the “no reason” element to all great movies with nods to Lynch and Jim Jarmusch in it’s execution. The film then introduces the audience who must watch from afar with binoculars as the movie rolls into action.

We see the progression of Robert’s mind blowing abilities from scorpion to rabbit to a pick up truck driver. To imbue a tyre with menace is no mean feat. The action cuts back and forth between the spectators for subtle comments on the notion of films and their appeal.

It had me wondering how certain shots were achieved and how they got the tyre to work, which is such a novelty as with most films you just presume it’s CGI and as Rubber doesn’t utilise much CGI it means it will age very well. The film is packed full of humour and intentional humour at that, resulting in one of the funniest lines of dialogue I’ve heard in years.

I don’t want to say much more as the film is a real delight for movie fans, original, self aware and a throwback to the B-movies of old.

In defence of… Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch's Emily Browning who plays Babydoll

100% style over substance - and proud of it. - ★★★★

So first of all, a disclaimer. I don’t think I eeeveeerrr want to see Sucker Punch again. But this doesn’t stop me from ranking my trip to see it last March as the best cinema “experience” I’ve had since I saw Avatar. Now don’t stop reading thinking I’ve been replaced with a pre-pubescent fool, allow me to explain. Read More

200 cigarettes

3 2 1 Happy New Year!!! - ★★★½

Why am I watching a film about new years a week before Halloween? I saw the atrocious trailer for what will no doubt be a terrible film called New Year’s Eve which would appear to have every actor going oh and Bon (only good song I ever did was Bad Medicine) Jovi but this reminded me that I saw a film about new years a while back with Elvis Costello in it playing himself. So I tracked down 200 Cigarettes the story of Monica’s (Martha Plimpton) 1981 New Year’s Eve party and the escapades of her friends as they try to get there. Read More

I don’t get it… The Guard

The emperor's new uniform - ★

John Michael McDonagh’s recent film The Guard had everyone wetting themselves as it became the highest grossing independent Irish film of all time. So is it the greatest Irish film of all time? No, in my opinion it’s one of the worst. Read More