Seven Psychopaths

Peace, love and understanding – ★★★

Everyone’s a psychopath or so Martin McDonagh would have you believe in his latest offering to the silver screen; Seven Psychopaths. Colin Farrell is Marty, the successful screenwriter with writer’s block and his only friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) is hell-bent on inspiring him no matter what it takes. 

Billy is in the dog kidnapping business with his good friend Hans (Christopher Walken) but when they kidnap Charlie’s dog (Woody Harrelson, the dog isn’t played by Woody, the film isn’t that odd) it unleashes (geddit!?) a scenario that just so happens to make for an enjoyable two hours. With Marty unable to pin down the bones (I’ll stop now) of his latest script the events unfolding in front of his eyes means the story writes itself.

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In defence of… Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch's Emily Browning who plays Babydoll

100% style over substance - and proud of it. - ★★★★

So first of all, a disclaimer. I don’t think I eeeveeerrr want to see Sucker Punch again. But this doesn’t stop me from ranking my trip to see it last March as the best cinema “experience” I’ve had since I saw Avatar. Now don’t stop reading thinking I’ve been replaced with a pre-pubescent fool, allow me to explain. Read More