McDonagh’s Guard follow-up sees Gleeson become a priest and location move from Connemara to Sligo. Great.

| o | - An artist's impression (he mainly draws curtains) of Gleeson in "The Calvary ".

Director John Michael McDonagh is currently in Berlin selling his wares looking for distribution deals for Calvary, his follow-up to last year’s massive hit The Guard – which we will add, didn’t excite us too much here at Spoooool.

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Sun. Dance. [10 to look forward to from the 2012 Sundance Film Festival]

/ See what we did there? It's a stock image of girl DANCING in front of the SUN. Yeah? /

Every year around this time I take a cheeky look at flights to Salt Lake City, Utah.

One of these years I’m actually going to the Sundance Film Festival and try pack in ten days of snow, drinking and independent cinema. But sadly work, money and life commitments mean it won’t be in 2012.

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