The Dark Knight Rises

As sometimes happens, the two of us had differing opinions on something, in this instance the final part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Rather than argue about who gets to publish their review over email (it has happened before!), we will just post the two reviews.

We’d put them side by side if layout constraints didn’t exist but as Nigel’s name comes first alphabetically (?!), his kicks things off and looks mainly at the pros while Páraic’s deals with some more of the cons of the summer’s biggest film. The combined Spooool score is ★★★½.

While we’ve both done our best to ensure there are no major spoilers in either review, you may still be better served to go and see the film before we go on…

Review #1 – Nigel’s take

A job well done – ★★★★

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A five-point plan to prepare for The Dark Knight Rises spoiler-free

Image from Roger Cruz tumblr

You may have heard that there is a new Batman film coming out next week. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises will hit cinemas both sides of the Atlantic at midnight on July 19th/20th.

In this day and age it’s incredibly easy to ruin the impact of a blockbuster by drowning yourself in trailers, posters, TV spots, fan reactions and reviews. Case in point was the 25-minute “super-cut” of The Amazing Spider-Man which presented all of the various promotional material into one straight narrative which will have rendered the final product pointless for anyone who watched it. (read all our Spider-Man coverage here)

So in order to make sure everyone gets the most out of their TDKR experience we’ve put together this five point plan to make sure you make it through the next 10 days.

And needless to say, more important than these, just have a little bit of common sense in the next 10 days – if you see an article or review of The Dark Knight Rises, don’t read it!  Read More

10 years on: An ode to the original Spider-Man trilogy

| o | – The original Spider-Man film grossed over $820million world-wide.

Cast your mind back ten years. Brazil have just beaten Germany to win their fifth World Cup, The Queen was prepping for her Golden Jubilee and the original Spider-Man was sitting pretty at the top of the UK and Irish box office just above the second of George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels. Sam Raimi’s film had been released two months previously in the USA, but had taken a few weeks to make it across the Atlantic so was still keeping European audiences glued to their seats while Men in Black II played to audiences stateside.

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