The nostalgia will probably kill you - ★★★

Suppose Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid never got shot in that gun fight in Bolivia? Suppose your aunt had balls, well then she’d be your uncle. Supposing don’t make it so, but supposing is what Blackthorn is all about.

Sam Shepard plays James Blackthorn – Robert LeRoy Parker to his mother and Butch Cassidy to the law. Luckily for him he wasn’t shot dead and has escaped to the hills of Bolivia to live out his life in peace and tranquillity. The film opens with Shepard narrating a letter he has written to his nephew informing him of his return to America having learnt that the boy’s mother had died. The boy’s mother happens to be Etta Place, Sundance’s sweetheart, himself having died not long after the escape to Bolivia. So Butch sets about putting his affairs in order for the trip north, but when he comes across Eduardo (Eduardo Noriega) who is on the run from a band of “cowboys”, Butch finds himself getting into more scrapes than a man of his age would like.

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Potential highlights from the 10th annual Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

10th annual Jameson Dublin International FIlm Festival

Congratulations to the Lighthouse Cinema on their launch of the 10th JDIFF last night. The cinema was packed to the rafters with Dublin cinephiles.

The guest of honour Stellan Skarsgård was in flying form and got us all into festival mood, with the complementary whiskey helping as well.

The programme certainly doesn’t disappoint and for a full look at what’s coming up, check out the JDIFF site or use the embedded program at the bottom of this post.

But to make things that little bit easier when going through the program I have picked a few highlights.

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