Super trooper – ★★★★

Director Rian Johnson is a curious case. Having knocked everyone’s socks off with his 2005 debut Brick, the follow-up The Brothers Bloom floundered and performed poorly at the box office. In the four years since its release, he has passed the time behind the camera on some episodes of AMC’s “Breaking Bad”, but the main challenge has been to secure financing and get through production on his latest effort, the time-travel action film Looper.

The film is set in 2042 and tells the story of a “looper” (contract killer who kills people sent back in time by the mob) who runs into trouble when he recognises an older version of himself as his latest prospective victim. Killing the future version of yourself is called “closing the loop” and is basically the equivalent of a retirement carriage clock leaving you free to blow the pension on hookers and amphetamines – until that fateful day thirty years from now when you will get sent back to be killed by yourself… It sounds high-concept but it’s actually remarkably simple and Johnson’s script quickly sets out (and sticks to) the rules for the wee bit of time-travelling which is used to set up the story.

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Moonrise Kingdom

Two star-crossed lovers - ★★★★

The inseparable power of young love against the reality of middle-aged ennui is at the heart of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

The film tells the story of Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward) who have fallen in love through a one off meeting at a church production of the story of Noah’s ark. The following summer they decide to run away together having only kept in touch via letters. Sam escapes from the scout camp run by the fantastic Ed Norton as Scout Master Ward. Suzy slips unnoticed from her family life with her parents Bill Murray and Frances Mc Dormand too wrapped up in living separate lives to immediately notice. Once the alarm is raised the whole island lends in to help find the missing children and as a result many people are forced to examine their life and it’s meaning.

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I think it’s OK to get excited about Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom now…

The start of January is normally a bleak time. But this year’s post-Epiphany season was brightened up with the trailer for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom hitting the internets. People got very excited with the first look at the first live action film in five years from one of North American cinema’s most distinctive talents.

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Four Festive Favourites…

Sorry for the sporadic updates of late, everybody needs a bit of downtime and eh, what better time to take a break than mid-December when the media seems to turn into a three-week period of recaps, previews and best of lists? Of course we’ll be publishing our own end of year lists next week (at the actual end of the year – how novel).

But to celebrate the season we’ve put together a little feature to share our four favourite Christmas films. Two for Páraic, two for Nigel. Let’s kick it off with a classic…


Home Alone

Every child wants to have the house to themselves at some point. No parents bossing you around, no smelly older brothers and sisters beating you up and taking all your stuff, so with Home Alone every child’s fantasy was fulfilled. Macaulay Culkin or should I say KEVIN!!!!!!! is the lucky boy who gets left behind in all the confusion as the rest of the family fly off to Paris. Why am I explaining the plot? Everyone knows the plot and if you don’t, never mind as you’re clearly dead inside.
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