It’s Aliens Jim, but not as we know it – ★★★

Among sci-fi fans the age old debate of which is better Ridley Scott’s Alien or Cameron’s Aliens is set to continue, with Prometheus - the latest offering from Scott – unlikely to dent either classic.

Alien is regarded as the more tense and atmospheric of the two with the alien design by H.R. Giger resulting in one of the most iconic creatures ever created for film. Cameron does what he does best, action, and Aliens is a no holes barred action extravaganza, taking the elements that Scott had in place and cranking them up to eleven. David Fincher took over the baton for Aliens 3 managing to make a film out of the production nightmare surrounding it but his film was seen as the weakest link until number four, 1997′s Alien: Resurrection, came along. We won’t even mention the Alien v Predator nonsense. So when word began circulating that Scott was going to direct a new Alien picture the movie world went a tiny bit ape-shit.

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Snow White and the Huntsman

SNow White and the Huntsman - Joan of Arc rides again - ★★★★

Joan of Arc rides again - ★★★★

Kristen Stewart plays a Snow White for the modern age, she will not cook, clean or flounce demurely in long flowing dresses. She will inspire, heal a wounded land and be a leader of men in Rupert Sanders’ fantastic directorial debut, Snow White and the Huntsman.

I would imagine that the recent success of Game of Thrones and its style was very much in Sanders’ mind when he went about undertaking the classic Grimm brother’s tale of Snow White. It is more easily aligned with Thrones or Ladyhawke than the 1937 Walt Disney animated version Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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“We are the Gods now!” – Prometheus TED 2023 talk

| o | - Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland in Prometheus which lands on earth this June.

So we try not to follow the typical pre-release hype cycle that a lot of movie websites indulge in. Every new still or poster getting its own post in the months leading up to blockbuster release, and then once it’s released maybe a quick review, leave your money on the bedside table and out the door, never to be spoken of again.

But this little bit of viral marketing genius for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus that showed up yesterday is a little different…

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Young Adult

Annoying drunk - ★★

IMDB confirms a hunch I’ve always had. Good things come in threes.

Or to be more specific…. Major directors often hit the ground running with three great pieces of work. Martin Scorsese kicked things off with his first three big pictures – Mean Streets, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and Taxi Driver. Bryan Singer’s Usual Suspects, Apt Pupil and X-Men(s) suggested great things. And who didn’t appreciate Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. And you know what, I’m even putting in the wacky Gondry trilogy of Eternal Sunshine, The Science of Sleep and Be Kind Rewind.

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Bob Dylan tips his hat to Scorsese. [video]

Martin Scorcese was the recipient of the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s “Music+Film Award” at the Critics Choice Movie Awards on VH1 last night.

This slightly bizarre award was first given to Quintin Tarantino last year and “honors a single filmmaker who has touched audiences through cinematic storytelling, and has heightened the impact of films through the brilliant use of source and original music.”

Fair enough so.

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