The Great Escape – ★★★★★

Argo is Ben Affleck’s third directorial effort after the under-appreciated Gone Baby Gone and the Boston crime drama The Town. Both those films had their problems but it was clear to all that Affleck really had a knack for this directing game and should be placed on a nice fat retainer by Warner Brothers to reward his solid “American” movies.

The plot for Argo is downright daft and every reviewer under the sun has mentioned how we’d be ripping it apart for plausibility if it weren’t based on true events from 1979. They are all correct.

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Ruby Sparks

Stranger than fiction – ★★★★

Couples combine to deliver this romantic comedy with brains. Directing couple Jonathon Dayton and Valerie Faris follow their first feature, Little Miss Sunshine, with Ruby Sparks. A fantastical film whereby Calvin (Paul Dano) pens a story concerning Ruby (Zoe Kazan) the girl of his dreams only for her to enter his reality. The script was penned by Kazan in her first screenplay and is overflowing with honest humour and originality.

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Sun. Dance. [10 to look forward to from the 2012 Sundance Film Festival]

/ See what we did there? It's a stock image of girl DANCING in front of the SUN. Yeah? /

Every year around this time I take a cheeky look at flights to Salt Lake City, Utah.

One of these years I’m actually going to the Sundance Film Festival and try pack in ten days of snow, drinking and independent cinema. But sadly work, money and life commitments mean it won’t be in 2012.

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