The Five-Year Engagement

Something borrowed… – ★★½

The latest from “The House of Apatow” sees Jason Segel and Emily Blunt teaming up to play a couple who can never quite tie the knot. The delay is all down to geography, logistics and that old cinematic rom-com favourite… “fear of commitment”.

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Gets to third base – ★★★

Isn’t it a pity that every new Brad Pitt movie just gets marketed as “the new Brad Pitt movie”. When you’re a star like him you’re not really allowed average movies.

Considering the duds that Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp have been in recently (I’m looking at you Knight & Day and The Tourist), the only other person really worthy of being in Pitt’s company these days is Leonardo DiCaprio. Thankfully neither of these two guys tend to disappoint very often – not since 2004′s Troy have I felt bad after spending two hours with the man my mother simply calls Braaad.

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