Moonrise Kingdom

Two star-crossed lovers - ★★★★

The inseparable power of young love against the reality of middle-aged ennui is at the heart of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

The film tells the story of Sam (Jared Gilman) and Suzy (Kara Hayward) who have fallen in love through a one off meeting at a church production of the story of Noah’s ark. The following summer they decide to run away together having only kept in touch via letters. Sam escapes from the scout camp run by the fantastic Ed Norton as Scout Master Ward. Suzy slips unnoticed from her family life with her parents Bill Murray and Frances Mc Dormand too wrapped up in living separate lives to immediately notice. Once the alarm is raised the whole island lends in to help find the missing children and as a result many people are forced to examine their life and it’s meaning.

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This Must Be the Place

Cheyenne's List - ★★★★

A Robert Smith-esque Sean Penn hunts down his father’s concentration camp inquisitor. David Bryne, a Native American and a buffalo all offer him guidance on his Odyssey and this is just half of the craziness contained in This Must Be the Place.

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More JDIFF 2012 reviews…

This is another guest post by Irish arts blogger Mick McGovern of

You can read his earlier reviews here – A “JDIFFerent” perspective on the first half of the film festival…

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Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche)

Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche) – ★★★★½

Directed By: Frédéric Jardin  /  Starring: Tomer Sisley, Joey Starr, Julien Boisselier, Serge Riaboukine

Warning: I must start by saying I really like my French gangster/action movies, Point Blank (A Bout Portant) was one of my favourite films of last year and Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche) continues in that vein. The film deals with seemingly crooked cops who intercept drugs in order to sell them themselves, however this time, one of them is recognised and the “rightful” owner of the drugs kidnaps his son in order to get them back. The film’s pace is breakneck, it’s full of great fight scenes, tough posturing, laughs and a great central performance by Sisley (looks a bit like Rio Ferdinand). A fine addition to its genre.

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10 things that aren’t completely atrocious about Transformers 3

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon is a bombastic failure. It lacks heart, character development and it’s probably not worthy of anything more than a ★ review. But everyone has read enough from people ripping Michael Bay and his film to shreds so lets take a different tack.

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