“Kevin!!!!” – New Home Alone on the way this Christmas.

| o | - Bring back Kevin McCallister

We have an unhealthy fascination with Macauley Culkin here at Spooool. So what better way to start your Friday off with than with news that he’s back on track and going to play an abandoned eight-year-old once again!

Wait, what’s that? He’s not on board?

Ah shite.

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Dramatic news alert – Macaulay Culkin “Possibly Dying, Not Shaving”

| o | - Richie Rich II is the only thing that can save him

“Gaunt” — Entertainment Tonight

“Shockingly Thin” — Fox News

“Worryingly Thin” — Contact Music

“Extremely Skeletal” —Ology

“Slightly Thinner” — Hypervocal

“Extremely Thin, Old” — International Business Times

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I kinda think he looks like he could play a young Steve Buscemi with those eyes. If the internet is looking for blonde 1990s celebrity to hassle why not move on to James Van Der Beek, Jake Lloyd or Whigfield?

“Macauley is clearly the most frightening of the Culkin children.” – Joe Pesci

A terrifying portrayal of a boy trapped at home who is forced to defend himself the only way he knows how. Starring Macauley Culkin and Tilda Swinton.

Four Festive Favourites…

Sorry for the sporadic updates of late, everybody needs a bit of downtime and eh, what better time to take a break than mid-December when the media seems to turn into a three-week period of recaps, previews and best of lists? Of course we’ll be publishing our own end of year lists next week (at the actual end of the year – how novel).

But to celebrate the season we’ve put together a little feature to share our four favourite Christmas films. Two for Páraic, two for Nigel. Let’s kick it off with a classic…


Home Alone

Every child wants to have the house to themselves at some point. No parents bossing you around, no smelly older brothers and sisters beating you up and taking all your stuff, so with Home Alone every child’s fantasy was fulfilled. Macaulay Culkin or should I say KEVIN!!!!!!! is the lucky boy who gets left behind in all the confusion as the rest of the family fly off to Paris. Why am I explaining the plot? Everyone knows the plot and if you don’t, never mind as you’re clearly dead inside.
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