Chitty chatty pewk pewk - ★★½

The path from stage to screen can be a troubled one.

Even a great director can struggle if he decides to limit himself to a single location and challenge the viewer’s attention span with long dialogue-heavy scenes. Sometimes it works wonders and can create a flawless film, as with Sidney Lumet’s 1957 masterpiece 12 Angry Men. But usually you begin to lose focus and just wish the characters would go outside for a walk or something – Lars Von Trier’s experimentally sparse single-set drama Dogville being a prime example.

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The Descendants

- Aloha heeeey... you were cheating on me? - ★★★★½

originally published in November 2011

Y’know it’s not a lot of fun heading to the cinema knowing you’re going to see a “great” film that’s almost certain to be oscar-nominated. When a serious adult drama is showing up in all those “Potential Best Picture” lists it means you can set yourself up for a disappointing fall.

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