What’s wrong with Katy Perry’s Part of Me popumentary?

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| o | – ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’ aka ‘Where Katy’s mirror confuses us all’.

Katy Perry’s cinematic release of Part Of Me (★★) - in 3D for added swirling, candy bra action – is described as an “intimate look at the fun, glamourous, heartbreaking, inspiring, crazy, magical, passionate, and honest mad diary of Katy”. You get these things but at absolute face value. There is no evaluation of what a hectic year it was for the Perry machine, with 124 live shows across the world and a high-profile divorce from that lovable vagabond, Russell Brand. We learn no more than we would from one of E!’s True Hollywood Stories.

Perry did minimal press following the high-profile end of her marriage of 14 months so this was her time to have her say. In one moving scene, filmed minutes before she’s due onstage at a sold-out show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we see Perry hunched over, crying. The show goes on regardless, with her manager, Bradford Cobb, and assistant, Tamra Natisin, describing it as depression. That is one of the isolated scenes that shows the real Perry. Artists often claim that they want fans to know the ‘real me’ and popumentaries are a great way to do that but Part Of Me was mostly surface water.

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Oh no. The bloody Golden Globes. What WILL win and what SHOULD win.

The 2012 Golden Globes take place tonight at 8pm Eastern (1am for all the GMTers)

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual Golden Globes awards – which take place tonight – are really just the poor bastard cousin of the Oscars.

It seems the main logic in selecting their categories and nominations is to try and please everybody.

- The cop-out division of the film categories into “Drama” and “Comedy/Musical”. More nominated films and actors means more people show up.

- Tabloid-friendly token nods to people like Cher and Madonna despite their films (Burlesque, W.E.) being critically lambasted. This year Madge is up for best original score and best original song, for “Masterpiece.” from W.E.

- A few TV categories just to re-reward the winners of the Emmys from last August. Expect Modern Family, Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad to dominate. Though maybe the HFPA will see sense and give Claire Danes and Damien Lewis some love for their work on Homeland.

- “Miss Golden Globes”. Since 1963, a famous daughter of a celebrity gets to come out on stage and wave. This year Andie McDowell’s daughter Rainey Qualley will wobble on to stage and smile.

But despite all this, it is the first major show of awards season and I love awards dammit. Ricky Gervais is good value in his “controversial” role as host – “O.M.G. He just made fun of Scientology!!” – and it’s always fun to see Hollywood actors look bored when they drag out the best subtitled-latino-mini-series-or-TV-movie-that-isn’t-on-HBO…

Anyway Spooool won’t both you with any thoughts on the TV categories, but for those interested here’s a look at what I think should win, and what will win…

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