The Amazing Spider-Man


Tangled up in goo – ★★★½

There was a very strange mix of outrage and apathy when Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios announced that they’d be moving forward with their Spider-Man franchise without the involvement of Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. The reboot announcement came less than three years after the bloated mess of Spider-Man 3 disappointed fans and critics alike.

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Stella Days

Careful now - ★★

It’s been twelve years since Thaddeus O’Sullivan gave us Ordinary Decent Criminal, one of the worst Irish films ever committed to celluloid but thankfully his new offering Stella Days is a more enjoyable affair.

Martin Sheen plays Fr. Daniel Barry who feels trapped in purgatory waiting patiently to pass on to a higher place. Purgatory comes in the form of a small 1950s Irish village in Tipperary where he has been assigned and spends his time giving the last rights ad nauseum and listening to the confessions of his flock. He longs to leave and is waiting for his Bishop to grant him leave to return to Rome where he can finish his studies. The Bishop has other ideas and has no intention of releasing Fr. Barry until the money is secured for his new church. The building of a small cinema is Fr. Barry’s way to raise his contribution for the church and keep his faith.

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