Premium Rush

Close to a car crash – ★½

At long last we get a movie about cycling! And it’s set in lovely New York! And it’s got trendy hipsters! Who work as thrill-seeking bike couriers! They don’t have brakes because they ride fixies! They might die! Yay!

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TIFF 2012 – A look ahead

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| o | – It’s TIFF 2012 time!


I finished up at my job at the tail end of July and we all (@dunnez, @oheag2 and previously @parallellevision) moved out of our lovely old house on Toronto’s Davenport Road. Since then I have spent time faffing about with my family, camping in Canada’s wondrous Algonquin Park and travelling around the eastern side of the US. Usually you do all those things and then go back to your homeland, but since Christmas when I formulated this plan I knew I had to base my exit strategy from Toronto around one thing – TIFF.

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The Descendants

- Aloha heeeey... you were cheating on me? - ★★★★½

originally published in November 2011

Y’know it’s not a lot of fun heading to the cinema knowing you’re going to see a “great” film that’s almost certain to be oscar-nominated. When a serious adult drama is showing up in all those “Potential Best Picture” lists it means you can set yourself up for a disappointing fall.

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Take Shelter

A perfect storm - ★★★★★

A man foresees a bad storm. Everyone says he’s crazy. Maybe he is. Or maybe he isn’t.

This, is Take Shelter in a nutshell. A compelling tale that is slowly developed, dragging the viewer through the full range of emotions but amping up the tension and unease that exists in a town, workplace and family whenever someone begins to show signs of mental illness.

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