Spooool’s 25 Best Movies of 2011

The best part of coming up with your favourite films of the year is trying to remember what the hell came out. So after spending the Christmas holidays trawling through IMDB and digging under the couch for old ticket stubs to try make a master list of “stuff wot we hav seen“, we’re finally able to remember what we liked from the last 12 months.

We both have individual lists (they’re riiiiight at the bottom of this post) but pooled them together to get this list of 25 of our favourite releases of 2011. These movies define Spooool, so be prepared to be pissed of by our choices, but be sure to comment and let us know what you think.

Last year saw new additions to the classic genres (Insidious – horror, Rango – western), fresh offerings from auteur directors (The Tree of Life, Hugo, The Skin I Live In, Midnight In Paris), stunning documentaries (Senna, Hell and Back Again), strong work from up and coming film-makers (Take Shelter, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Kill List) and exciting efforts from across the international spectrum of cinema (A Separation, Troll Hunter).

The 25 films are all featured below and an [N] denotes a blurb from Nigel, [P] means Páraic. And clicking on the film image will take you to our original Spooool review, where applicable.

So without further ado (in fairness it’s already a week late), let’s get started with #25… Read More

Midnight in Paris

Retour vers le futur - ★★★½

Midnight in Paris is Woody Allen’s love letter to “La Ville Lumiere” in the roaring twenties.

We have Owen Wilson playing Gil a Hollywood screenwriter who is tired of the constant hackneyed scripts and wants to try his hand at that elusive first novel. He and his fiance Inez played by Rachel McAdams are holidaying in Paris with her parents and they soon realise that they both have very different views about what they want from life. Their predicament is further tested when Michael Sheen turns up, an old friend of Inez who is the embodiment of a pedantic know it all. Oh and every night at midnight Gil travels back in time to the twenties where he hangs out with everyone from Ernest Heminway to Salvador Dali. Read More

Adrien Brody – what the hell happened?

Adrien Brody - Oscar winner. Now Rob Schneider co-star.

Adrien Brody - Oscar winner. Now Rob Schneider co-star.

So I’m in the middle of downloading Wrecked, the most recent Adrien Brody film. Read More