Under African Skies

Music is king - ★★★★★

Joe Berlinger, one of the men behind the Paradise Lost trilogy (a series of documentaries about the West Memphis murders), has journeyed with Paul Simon back to South Africa to uncover the story of the “Graceland” album. He may just have made the greatest music documentary ever.

Ezra Koeing the lead singer of Vampire Weekend says how “Graceland” was the album that every family had in their car for road trips. It has passed through generations imparting something new each time. We were once such a family, it was either The Beach Boys “Greatest Hits” or “Graceland” on cassette for each holiday for a solid 15 years. I just knew the album for the great music, the like of which you hadn’t heard before but instantly grabs you and you start nodding your head without realising. Initially I knew nothing of the controversy surrounding the album, the anger from the anti-apartheid movement and the political storm if created back in the summer of 1986.

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