The Master

The Devil in Disguise – ★★★★★

To say Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film The Master is merely about Scientology would be doing it a disservice. It is an expertly crafted examination of the human condition and our need to belong, find identity and create a path in life.

The war is over and Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) is back in society trying to find his place. Too dependant on home made hooch and his fists to settle a problem, he finds himself adrift only to be brought back to land by Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Dodd is the master of a “cause” which believes we have all lived for many thousands of years and our present day bodies are only the vessels we inhabit at the moment. The two are drawn in some hope of finding truth and the limitations of man, but whether they can do this together is the real unknown.

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65th Cannes Film Festival “In competition” line-up leaked?

edit: There’s a certain amount of scepticism about this list’s legitimacy, with no official confirmation or denial coming from the powers that be in the Riviera. Feel free to take all this with a pinch of salt, but it just makes too much sense not to be the real thing. The official line-up announcement is still scheduled for April 19th.

edit 2: Justin Chang of Variety, a man has since tweeted that this is “obviously fake”. The internet at large is pointing the finger at the lack of Michael Haneke’s Amour and the “interesting” presence of the Monty Python documentary. Only a few weeks until we hear for sure, but there are always bizarre omissions and inclusions in their line-up, so this could be closer to the truth than you would initially suspect.

edit 3‘Leaked’ Cannes film festival list is false, says director (Tues April 3rd)

So Cannes’ “In competition” films have been revealed.

The entries were revealed on the official Cannes site and hastily removed (I feel for the web guy who will probably be sacked for the blunder), but not before being logged by the internet’s magical troops, in this case French blog You can read their story here (in French), but for now feast your eyes on the list of 24 films sure to have us all talking in six weeks time… Read More