The Master

The Devil in Disguise – ★★★★★

To say Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film The Master is merely about Scientology would be doing it a disservice. It is an expertly crafted examination of the human condition and our need to belong, find identity and create a path in life.

The war is over and Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) is back in society trying to find his place. Too dependant on home made hooch and his fists to settle a problem, he finds himself adrift only to be brought back to land by Lancaster Dodd (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Dodd is the master of a “cause” which believes we have all lived for many thousands of years and our present day bodies are only the vessels we inhabit at the moment. The two are drawn in some hope of finding truth and the limitations of man, but whether they can do this together is the real unknown.

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So-called Classics #1 – Scent of a Woman

| o | - Tits ! Ho-ahh!

Welcome to our new and hopefully regular feature “So-called Classics”. All connoisseurs of film have those few pictures they should have seen and may even go to great lengths to pretend they have; Citizen Kane, Battleship Potemkin, Manhattan, Flash Gordon – the list is endless. As Mark Twain said on “classic” books…

Something that everyone wants to have read and nobody wants to read.

So here at Spooool we’ve taken it upon ourselves to knuckle down and conquer the classics. No longer will we look at our shoes when The Big Lebowski is brought up in conversation or slyly change the subject when someone mentions how superior Infernal Affairs is to The Departed. These won’t be straight forward reviews but more-so examining what makes the film a “classic” and if it’s warranted. From time to time there may be spoilers so don’t say we didn’t warn you, but we’ll try our best not to mention what Rosebud was.

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Gets to third base – ★★★

Isn’t it a pity that every new Brad Pitt movie just gets marketed as “the new Brad Pitt movie”. When you’re a star like him you’re not really allowed average movies.

Considering the duds that Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp have been in recently (I’m looking at you Knight & Day and The Tourist), the only other person really worthy of being in Pitt’s company these days is Leonardo DiCaprio. Thankfully neither of these two guys tend to disappoint very often – not since 2004′s Troy have I felt bad after spending two hours with the man my mother simply calls Braaad.

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The Ides of March

It's a dirty game - ★★★★½

George Clooney is a wonderful human being. Just try and argue that he makes many mistakes in his private life, his choice of roles or humanitarian work. Need a telethon organised? Call Georgie! Read More