TIFF Day 5 – To the Wonder

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Not quite a tree of life – ★★★½

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Director: Terrence Malick  //  Country: USA  //  Year: 2012  //  Language: English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish  //  Runtime: 112 minutes  //  Principal Cast: Javier Bardem, Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams  //  Screenplay: Terrence Malick

How the hell do you go about reviewing a Terrence Malick film? That’s actually a serious question. The traditional structure we like to follow here at Spooool – nice soft welcome and intro, plot details, chat about what works and what doesn’t, quick summary – doesn’t really apply to his films.

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TIFF 2012 – A look ahead

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| o | – It’s TIFF 2012 time!


I finished up at my job at the tail end of July and we all (@dunnez, @oheag2 and previously @parallellevision) moved out of our lovely old house on Toronto’s Davenport Road. Since then I have spent time faffing about with my family, camping in Canada’s wondrous Algonquin Park and travelling around the eastern side of the US. Usually you do all those things and then go back to your homeland, but since Christmas when I formulated this plan I knew I had to base my exit strategy from Toronto around one thing – TIFF.

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Slow motion, my dear Watson - ★★

Holmes is back in super slow motion making his deductions look like a F1 race.

Guy Richie is at the helm once more as we delve into the intriguing world of mystery and mayhem that is Sherlock Holme’s life. All the troupe are back, Downey Jnr. as Sherlock, Jude Law as the mustachioed Watson and Jared Harris (Mad Men and son to Richard) as the archest of nemesi Prof. Moriarty. This really is quite the boys club with the female characters taking a back seat, Rachel McAdams is on and gone faster than you can say 221b Baker Street. Noomi Rapace as the fortune teller and Kelly Reilly as Watson’s wife are merely present as eye candy and comic relief leaving the men to get down to the serious business of playing chess and dressing in drag.
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Midnight in Paris

Retour vers le futur - ★★★½

Midnight in Paris is Woody Allen’s love letter to “La Ville Lumiere” in the roaring twenties.

We have Owen Wilson playing Gil a Hollywood screenwriter who is tired of the constant hackneyed scripts and wants to try his hand at that elusive first novel. He and his fiance Inez played by Rachel McAdams are holidaying in Paris with her parents and they soon realise that they both have very different views about what they want from life. Their predicament is further tested when Michael Sheen turns up, an old friend of Inez who is the embodiment of a pedantic know it all. Oh and every night at midnight Gil travels back in time to the twenties where he hangs out with everyone from Ernest Heminway to Salvador Dali. Read More