Great Expectations

Some larks but no depth – ★★½

Into the West Director Mike Newell has turned his hand to Dickens and although he’s got the look and feel right, he seems to have forgotten the heart. Style over substance leaves you wanting more after an already long running time.

What follows is a two line summation of Great Expectations; Pip (Jeremy Irvine or Toby Irvine as Pip the younger and also Jeremy’s little brother) is taken in by Lady Havisham (Helena Bonham Carter) to play with Estella (Holliday Grainger or Helena Barlow as Estella the younger). Having sampled wealth Pip is distraught at having to return back to work with Joe (Jason Flemyng) as a blacksmith’s apprentice. When Pip discovers he is to become a gentleman due to an inheritance he is delighted and under the guidance of Jaggers (Robbie Coltrane) embarks for London.

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