Drive – Anatomy of the poster

Drive - Version 3 of 14

Rich Andrews of Empire Design spoke to Empire Magazine about his agency’s work on the design of the UK quad posters for our film of the year – Drive.

Link: 14 Alternative Drive Posters [empire]

I know we’re featured quite a lot of material about the film here, but this is a great wee feature. Who would ever have thought that the final version of the poster was actually composited with a shot of the wrong car and the designer’s hand holding a bag they’d just picked up in Sports Direct.

There’s something inside you… It’s hard to explain… - seriously

Animators Tom Haugomat & Bruno Mangyoku have put together this awesome little tribute to Nicolas Winding Refn’s little film about a man who drives a car, Drive. Read More

The Ides of March

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Buckle up it’s going to be a bloody ride.

Our latest incarnation of the man with no name is Ryan Gosling who is a straight talking no nonsense driver. A stunt driver for the movies, a getaway driver for the right price and a stock car driver for his boss. The boss in question is Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Seinfeld) and it is he who sets our film in motion by introducing Ryan to the quietly menacing character of Albert Brooks. Al will gladly front the money for a stock car but when Ryan does a job for his love interest’s (Carey Mulligan) husband and inadvertently ends up with Als partner’s money things get messy. The partner in question is no other than Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman. He’s ditched the makeup and cigar and now runs a pizza joint with extra intimidation on top. Read More