The circle of life – ★★★★

Samsara is a philosophy within Hinduism, Buddhism and Yoga to name but a few religions, pertaining to the belief that the life we are leading is only one of many. Literally meaning “continuous flow”, Ron Fickle’s new film shows this in astounding ways and is the most beautiful film you’ll see all year.

Filmed over 25 countries for the best part of five years and on 70mm film, it’s a labour of love from the people behind Baraka (1992) and Chronos (1985). The director Ron Fickle and producer Mark Magidson have teamed up once again with dazzling imagery and perfectly scored music providing a visual feast. With not a word spoken for the entirety of the film we are left to simply bask in the marvels of the world while also reflecting on what we’ve done to it.

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