Felt like Moonrise Kingdom needed animation? You weren’t the only one…

| o | - Library books of New Penzance

At this stage pretty much everyone on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean has seen Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson’s cute love story that tells the tale of Sam and Suzy who find love on the island of New Penzance, New England.

If you liked the film as both of us did (here is Paraic’s review), then this new little series of animated clips courtesy of Entertainment Weekly is sure to pique your interest. Anderson had a series of animators create clips for the six library books that Suzy carries around. The animations ultimately weren’t used but being the stand-up bloke that he is, Anderson has now shared them with us all. Usually this would be some sort of “BUY THE DVD!!” tie-in, but there you go.

The video is an E.W. exclusive so we can’t embed it right now so you’ll have to click the image above to find out more and view the video.

I could easily have done with twice as much from Bob Balaban’s narrator in the film so it’s nice to see him introducing the clips from his library.

In Conversation: Niall Sheerin discusses his new short “Tramp” and the challenges of producing your own Irish film in 2012

Film-maker and guest contributor to Spooool Niall Sheerin launches our new “In Conversation” interview series with a discussion of the trials and tribulations of producing a short film in Ireland in 2012.

Niall has just finished the first round of shooting on his latest project, Tramp. You can view some of his previous work embedded at the bottom of this feature or at vimeo/niallsheerin.

Niall Sheerin, director of Irish short film Tramp

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Oscar Shorts: Live Action

Not a bit short on ambition - ★★★★ (overall average)

This year, films in the three short film categories – Live Action, Animation and Documentary – have been grouped together by Magnolia Pictures and Shorts HD. They are being presented in screenings with the intention of giving audiences an opportunity to see the nominated films prior to the Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday, February 26th. One of the theatres showing them is Toronto’s TIFF Bell Lightbox, where this Spooooler was lucky enough to see the Live Action set.

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Potential highlights from the 10th annual Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

10th annual Jameson Dublin International FIlm Festival

Congratulations to the Lighthouse Cinema on their launch of the 10th JDIFF last night. The cinema was packed to the rafters with Dublin cinephiles.

The guest of honour Stellan Skarsgård was in flying form and got us all into festival mood, with the complementary whiskey helping as well.

The programme certainly doesn’t disappoint and for a full look at what’s coming up, check out the JDIFF site or use the embedded program at the bottom of this post.

But to make things that little bit easier when going through the program I have picked a few highlights.

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