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Having gotten all nostalgic about Spider-Man in the last few days (review of The Amazing Spider-Man  and 10 years on: An ode to the original Spider-Man trilogy), you may not be wondering just where Sam Raimi went “apres Spidey”.

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10 years on: An ode to the original Spider-Man trilogy

| o | – The original Spider-Man film grossed over $820million world-wide.

Cast your mind back ten years. Brazil have just beaten Germany to win their fifth World Cup, The Queen was prepping for her Golden Jubilee and the original Spider-Man was sitting pretty at the top of the UK and Irish box office just above the second of George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels. Sam Raimi’s film had been released two months previously in the USA, but had taken a few weeks to make it across the Atlantic so was still keeping European audiences glued to their seats while Men in Black II played to audiences stateside.

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The Amazing Spider-Man


Tangled up in goo – ★★★½

There was a very strange mix of outrage and apathy when Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios announced that they’d be moving forward with their Spider-Man franchise without the involvement of Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. The reboot announcement came less than three years after the bloated mess of Spider-Man 3 disappointed fans and critics alike.

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