Hot Docs reviews [Pt.1]

Reviews for The Invisible War, Brooklyn Castle and The Imposter are below. Check out all our Hot Docs coverage here.


The Invisible War - ★★★★

Kirby Dick has made a name for himself by rallying for the under-dog against “the man”. Whether it was his exposition of American politics’ anti-gay agenda in 2010′s Outrage, sexual abuse victims and the Catholic church in 2004′s Twist of Faith or independent film-makers and critics fed up with the MPAA’s often inexplicable rating choices in 2008′s This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

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Looking ahead to Toronto’s Hot Docs 2012

Hot Docs 2012 runs from April 26th to May 6th

So living in Toronto has some huge advantages for film fans. And now I’m not talking about the civilised, intelligent audiences, but instead the city’s phenomenal festival offerings!

Leading the charge is the world’s biggest film festival, TIFF, which burns through the city every September. But in second place is the world’s preeminent documentary festival, Hot Docs. I was lucky enough to get to my first Hot Docs last year (and wrote a little about it here and here) and it’s a fantastic festival which excels with the small things like ticket sales, line-ups and Q&As.

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