The Hunter

Walkabout – ★★★★

Willem Dafoe goes for a walkabout in the Tasmanian wilderness in search of its elusive tiger but soon finds he may be the one being hunted.

Bringing to mind films such as Deliverance and The Mission, Daniel Nettheim’s beautiful movie The Hunter shows the wild forests in all their raw glory and has plenty of well fleshed out characters to give the piece its heart and soul. Dafoe plays Martin a hunter commissioned by a Biotech company (yay!) with nefarious plans (booo!) to kill the last Tasmanian tiger and harness its unique prey paralysing toxins. He decamps to Lucy’s (Frances O’Connor) cabin that she shares with her two children. Martin gets to know the kids while Lucy spends most of her time heavily sedated due to the disappearance of her husband.

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10 years on: An ode to the original Spider-Man trilogy

| o | – The original Spider-Man film grossed over $820million world-wide.

Cast your mind back ten years. Brazil have just beaten Germany to win their fifth World Cup, The Queen was prepping for her Golden Jubilee and the original Spider-Man was sitting pretty at the top of the UK and Irish box office just above the second of George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels. Sam Raimi’s film had been released two months previously in the USA, but had taken a few weeks to make it across the Atlantic so was still keeping European audiences glued to their seats while Men in Black II played to audiences stateside.

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Christ is risen! Cinema’s greatest Jesus films.



The central figure of the Christian religion. Jesus conducted a mission of preaching and healing (with reported miracles) in Palestine in about ad 28–30, which is described in the Gospels. His followers considered him to be the Christ or Messiah and the Son of God, and belief in his resurrection from the dead is the central tenet of Christianity.

It’s Easter, the time when Christians the world over get fierce excited about our Lord kicking the can, then, like any good man who gets knocked down, he got back up again.

Being brought up in Ireland, religion played a big part for both of us growing up, Páraic on one side of the Reformation fence and Nigel on the other – the fact one of us has a fada in his name and the other gets the quintessentially British name probably reveals our parents’ allegiances.

Anyway, no matter where you go on Sunday mornings, it’s hard not to be even a little bit interested in the story of Jesus Christ. Cinema is no different with countless adaptations down through the years. For the weekend that’s in it, we present our seven favourite Jesus films – in no particular order…

(P denotes a Páraic pick, N is Nigel’s)

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John Carter

Mars attack - ★★★

Wowwee. Are we all bored hearing about John Carter yet? It’s been in cinemas a week already and people are already bored talking about how sucky it was meant to be…

Even Google didn’t feel too good about its box-office potential.

Google fears John Carter

And in the last week alone I’ve lost count of the death-knell articles I’ve read. All of them worthwhile in their own weird little way…

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