Burton brings old story back to life – ★★★★★

Has Tim Burton turned away from remakes and come up with an original idea? Not quite. However he has managed to create a beautiful love letter to classic horror movies and for that he must be commended.

Back in 1984 Tim Burton made a live action short of Frankenweenie starring Shelley Duvall, Sofia Coppola and Barret Oliver (The Never Ending Story) which concerned the story of a young boy who brings his dead dog back to life. 28 years later he’s returned to it, only this time it’s in the form of stop-motion animation. Thankfully he has kept it black and white making it the first grayscale film to be released in IMAX 3D. The first thing that strikes you while watching is the sheer beauty of the piece. The elegant subtle shades stand out so crisp and clean, making you sit back in awe of the film’s design.

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TIFF 2012 – A look ahead

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| o | – It’s TIFF 2012 time!


I finished up at my job at the tail end of July and we all (@dunnez, @oheag2 and previously @parallellevision) moved out of our lovely old house on Toronto’s Davenport Road. Since then I have spent time faffing about with my family, camping in Canada’s wondrous Algonquin Park and travelling around the eastern side of the US. Usually you do all those things and then go back to your homeland, but since Christmas when I formulated this plan I knew I had to base my exit strategy from Toronto around one thing – TIFF.

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Winona Forever

Jennifer Gannon is a pop music aficionado who has previously written for and Popjustice. She has just launched a beautiful new website at and is on twitter @jennpops.

Kook. Everyone’s at it these days. Everyone wants the edge, from Zooey twirling around in her tea dresses big eyes a-blinking to Kat Dennings and her oh-so-strange Christopher Walken obsession and all the fake glasses wearing starlets in-between, we’ve reached the apex of odd.

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